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Consulting Services for Companies

At each step of a company maturity the question of the adequate legal entity (LLC, entrepreneurial company, KG, OHG, GbR, etc.)arises. Each entity type has different personal liability impacts.




Need for advice usually comes from the demand to learn more about the rights and duties of management or due to a change of shareholders or in disputes between shareholders.

A close cooperation to our partners secures a complete legal, economical and tax advisory.
The consultation package includes:

  • a coaching meeting for the purpose of finding an adequate legal entity your venture objective
  • development of the company contracts agreements
  • Preparation of a notary appointment and consultation with the notary
  • monitoring the registration process to register your company
  • starter document kit to start your business (incl. different type of contract templates)

We offer our services at a lump price. This gives you the security of full cost transparency from the initial consultation to the foundation and the first steps of your business.

Real Estate Consulting Package

Real estate transactions, be it buying or selling, trigger off capital commitment. These commitments represent risks which have to be managed. This is one aspect of our advisory tackling the numerous questions.

The exact name of the item purchased, the payment modalities, the date of the utility and disposal, the warranty issues, tax structuring, etc., can be of vital importance.
Our consulting package includes the integration of our expert network of experienced notaries and tax consultants in order to provide optimum support for your project from beginning to a promising future.

Our real estate consulting package includes:

  • Advice before buying or selling land or condominiums
  • Design and review of the purchase contract or the property developer contract
  • Support in contract negotiations
  • Preparation and coordination of the notary appointment
  • support to settlement of different matters

We offer our services at a lump price. This gives you the security of full cost transparency from the initial consultation to completion of your real estate matter.

Consulting debt recovery Services

Bad debt can threaten the existence of a company if the debtor does not perform his contractual obligations and pay his dues in a timely manner.
Especially small and medium-sized companies are hardly in a position to compensate for defaulting payments over several months, so that payment delays and failures are the root cause for a number of insolvencies. Experience shows that the longer one waits the chance drops to successfully collect the overdue payment claims.
Especially small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with the challenge of bad debts. The associated costs and intense administrative involvement are very cumbersome. Too high levels of payment outstanding, followed by liquidity shortages can sometimes even lead to bankruptcy at a later stage..

Our debt recovery package (collection) includes:

  • Attorney reminder
  • implementation of the court order for payment (payment order and writ of execution)
  • implementation of the action process
  • legal measures against the debtor

Check of creditworthiness
It is generally advisable to check the creditworthiness of your business partners before starting a business and not to enter into a business relationship, which leads to bad debts.

If requested, we may check the credit rating of your new or existing business partners.

Our services are offered at a fixed price, meaning that from the first warning letter up to the court order no further costs are to be expected.


If you have any legal question or an inquiry, please call us or submit the form below for your questions or inquiries. A representative from our office will contact you shortly. Please note that any responses shall not be deemed as our legal opinion without a retainer agreement execution.


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