Wolfgang Preuss is specialised in trademark protection. Besides that he covers other legal areas and practical aspects of intellectual property rights as designs, utility model implications and patents. His focus is trademark protection on behalf of SMEs and start-ups.

Besides the legal aspects it is important for him to work out a fitting solution for the market and/or retail of specifics of the client. He is your counsel for the choice of the type of IP protection, the registration and the protection of the relevant IP right, bearing in mind the area of the market and activities of competitors.

He covers Germany and other countries of the EU. Additionally, he has contacts to nearly all neighbouring countries of the European Union.

Therefore, he can give recommendations and can coordinate specific IP activities of his clients in other countries.


Rechtsanwalt Wolfgang Preuss studied law in Bonn, Germany, at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universtät at the faculty of law, with a focus on commercial law. He passed the legal internship in different courts, different law firms, in prosecution and administrative offices in Cologne and Bonn.

During this clerkship time he worked not only in Germany but as well in England, Bristol. After his second state examen he joined a French law firm in Bordeaux. In 1983 he was admitted to the bar in Cologne.

Since 1984 he was as legal adviser and Secretary-General in charge for associations of medium-sized companies, covering import and export, wholesale, building construction industries and retail of cosmetics, luxury brands in selective distribution.

Out of these jobs he has a lot of experiences in retail, compliance, unfair competition and since the year 2000 specific knowledge of the practical aspects of the protection of intellectual property rights, especially trademarks. He is accustomed to bear in mind the costs as well as the budgets for these protection tasks.

Rechtsanwalt Preuss cooperates with us. Thus you can contact him personally in our office, but as well he is available for you in your premises and/or on the spot.

Furthermore you can contact him by phone or Email.